Once again, I am sick.  I had a bad cold for almost two weeks, and then this past weekend I was finally feeling like myself.  However, disaster struck three nights ago when my throat started feeling sore again… and here I am, with a diagnosed sinus infection.  I finally went to the doctor today and have meds to take.  While I was in the student health center, they made me wear a mask!!

The doctor himself pointed out my dark circles, and I was like thanks, dude, but those are always there.  Since I am clearly not up to posting pictures of myself quite yet, I thought I’d do a review for some makeup that I’ve been using recently.

A lot of girls like to wear heavier makeup in the winter months.  I don’t do this for a few reasons.  One, my skin gets really dry and flaky and heavy foundation only emphasizes that.  Two, it’s really easy to look fake and cakey with so much product, and three, heavy makeup isn’t practical for college life.  I simply don’t have the time (or, let’s be honest, the motivation) to cake on layers of product every morning.  This is why I love CoverGirl CGsmoothers tinted moisturizer.  It has relatively good coverage (except on my pesky dark circles… but then again, nothing really conceals them) and moisturizes your face, which is essential in these dry winter months.  I don’t wear it every day and I always take it off at night, but it lasts a really long time and stays in place.  It’s the perfect base for blush, bronzer, and concealer, but it also works well alone.  I like wearing it with a swipe of blush, black eyeliner on my upper and lower lids, and two coats of mascara.  Perfect for a class presentation or dinner out with friends!

CoverGirl CGsmoothers tinted moisturizer is a great product for the winter, but I think I’ll be using it year-round.  It’s the perfect solution if you don’t want to use a heavy foundation!  I’m always looking for new things to try, though, so let me know if any of you have found a mind-blowing tinted moisturizers!

Thanks for reading!


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