I am honestly too excited-slash-nervous to write a catchy intro phrase, so I’m just going to  jump right into it–I’m studying abroad in Quebec City, Canada this summer!!

I’ll be studying at the Université Laval for a little over five weeks!  It is the oldest French-speaking university in North America, so it only fits that I am going there to improve my French.  I will be living with a host family to increase my fluency.  Right now, my French is decent, but I have a lack of confidence in my speaking, so this will (hopefully!) be a great help.  I can’t wait!!!

Of course, I am extremely nervous.  What if I can’t communicate at all?  What if I fail my classes?  What if I don’t make any friends and the five weeks are spent in solitude?!  I know it may sound trivial, because this is a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I really have no right to be worried, but I think nervousness is acceptable.  Still, the nerves are coupled with pure excitement!!  I can’t wait!!

Have any of you studied abroad or gone abroad in general?  Have any tips?  I’d love any & all input!