About the Runway

Hi everyone!

I’m Alexis, and let me start off by saying that this blog probably won’t contain anything earth-shattering.  Everyone has seen enough fashion blogs to be sick of them.  The world doesn’t need another fashion blog… but that definitely isn’t stopping me!  My Everyday Runway will be just that–what I wear on a regular basis.  The thing is, I can’t afford a Louis Vuitton.  I’m a college student… I can barely afford a fake.  Besides my college-sized budget, I also have a college-sized closet (read: miniscule).  I wear things more than once (I also wear jeans like five times before I wash them.  Eek!).  Some days, I even wear sweatpants that are XXLs and that have stayed faithfully by my side since my freshman year of high school.  But hey, that’s real life!  And that, my dears, is the core purpose of this blog.  I want to be as honest as I possibly can, and if I’m lucky, stuff some humor in here as well.  If you’re looking for shameless product advertisement, you will not find it here.  If I review products, it will be my completely honest opinion.  Sensing a theme here?  Starting to get intrigued?  That’s all I can hope for!

Thanks for reading this, lovelies, and welcome to the runway.


3 thoughts on “About the Runway

  1. Hey Alexis.
    I luv ur blog. I saw u commented on Elle and Blair’s website. I clicked ur link and fell in luv with ur website. I have a question though. What is your instagram account?? Please answer. But if u don’t I understand

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