Pale Pink

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As I stated in this post, pastels and I do not get along very well, and for good reason.  It just doesn’t flatter my olive-y skin tone.  In February I compromised by wearing minty pastel nails, which were on-trend but did not scream “I AM WEARING PASTELS!”  I decided to try pastel nails again with this pale pink shade, and I love it.  I really don’t even consider it a pastel… it is just a pretty pale pink that makes me look tan!  Definitely a win in my book.

[also, that gorgeous shimmery gold on my hand is a swatch of MAC Rubenesque, a makeup product I have been obsessed with for years now… you can probably see why from the stunning color!]

Have a great start to your week!


4 thoughts on “Pale Pink

  1. i know what you mean — i have olive-y mexican/italian skin as well, and pastels really don’t like me :/ turquoise and coral-y pink really does though — go figure!
    thank you SO much for the kind comment on my blog, it made my day — really!
    ironically, i really love your blog as well :) i’m not sure if you links share or not, but i posted your blog under my “links” button (it’s a small list, but growing!) basically, it’s just a list of bloggers that i’m close with and i love supporting them :)
    take care!

    • I looove brighter colors like turquoise and coral! They just remind me of all the best parts about summer. I was really sad when pastels were so popular this spring because I can’t wear them without looking washed out and yellow… some people pull them off so beautifully!
      Wow, I am so flattered! Thank you so much :) I would like to do link shares but honestly haven’t gotten around to it yet. I may add that feature in the near future!

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