I am honestly too excited-slash-nervous to write a catchy intro phrase, so I’m just going to  jump right into it–I’m studying abroad in Quebec City, Canada this summer!!

I’ll be studying at the Université Laval for a little over five weeks!  It is the oldest French-speaking university in North America, so it only fits that I am going there to improve my French.  I will be living with a host family to increase my fluency.  Right now, my French is decent, but I have a lack of confidence in my speaking, so this will (hopefully!) be a great help.  I can’t wait!!!

Of course, I am extremely nervous.  What if I can’t communicate at all?  What if I fail my classes?  What if I don’t make any friends and the five weeks are spent in solitude?!  I know it may sound trivial, because this is a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I really have no right to be worried, but I think nervousness is acceptable.  Still, the nerves are coupled with pure excitement!!  I can’t wait!!

Have any of you studied abroad or gone abroad in general?  Have any tips?  I’d love any & all input!


2 thoughts on “Abroad

  1. I studied abroad in France for a whole semester when I was in college, and for the most part had a blast! I think nervousness is totally acceptable. Some tips: 1. The first 2 days usually suck and its scary because no one speaks your language, but things start looking up on the 3rd day. 2. The universal language of point-and-smile can go a long way for communication when you don’t know the french way to say something. 3. If you go into the experience happy just to be there and make plans to do things that you can enjoy by yourself you don’t really think about the worry of not making friends! Then friends just come along, and if maybe they don’t, you still had a good time because you got to do a bunch of stuff you wanted to do! :)
    and 4. Make sure to try some poutine! When in Quebec do as the Quebecois do! :)

    • Thank you so much for these tips! I definitely am nervous, but I will try to relax the first couple days and not take myself too seriously. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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