21 Before 21

Everyone has made, or has at least heard of a bucket list, myself included.  I’ve made multiple, actually.  How often do I check something off?  Not often.  When do I actively think about these goals?  Rarely.  So, thanks to an idea I found on Sofia’s Journal called 30 before 30, which is a bucket list of 30 things she wishes to do before she turns 30.  I find this idea brilliant because bucket lists have no time limit.  I am easily affected by deadlines and work exceptionally well under pressure (true of any serious procrastinator)… but if I don’t have a deadline, chances are I will become lackadaisical and put things on the back burner.  My usual bucket lists have no time limit, so I rarely “check anything off” said list.  This list, on the other hand, almost forces me to get these things done, and the sooner, the better!  Since I’m not close to 30, I decided to do a 21 before 21 instead.  That way, once that age rolls around, I can vary my bucket list and add new things!  Perfect!

Alexis’ 21 Before 21

1.  Start writing seriously again (other than this blog!)
2.   Go skydiving
3.  Learn to cook, preferably well
4.  Speak French fluently
5.  Grow my hair down to mid-back
6.  Light a match (I’m scared of fire, which is why I’ve never done this!)
7.   Learn piano basics
8.   Learn how to change a tire
9.  Start saving money
10.   Ride the Dragster at Cedar Point
11.  Learn to drive stick-shift with ease
12.   Buy a pair of real leather boots that will last for years
13.  Learn the basics of sewing
14.   Learn to ice skate backwards
15.  Become well-informed about politics and vote in the 2012 presidential election
16.  Learn to French braid
17.  Drive 100 miles per hour, even if for a second
18.  Do the splits!  AKA become more flexible.


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