I know many–or all–of us don’t have school or work today, but in between sleeping in, going out, catching up with friends, and relaxing, just take a moment to remember Martin Luther King Jr, the man with A Dream.

Our world is not exactly peaceful.  There is war, famine, hunger.  We often forget that we live in a first-world country with so many privileges, while most people have much, much less.  However, even the most blessed nations have issues, and unfortunately the people who attempt to resolve these issues are not appreciated by all.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. strove for equality for all.  Yes, in his day, that meant equality for black people specifically, and while this goal is still not perfectly achieved, we have made great strides toward racial equality.  He was murdered for his efforts, but the U.S. has not forgotten.  The world has not forgotten.  Today, equality covers an even broader spectrum.  The concept of equality is not “black and white” so we must remember that ALL people are equal, including but definitely not limited to “black people” and “white people.”  Gays and lesbians should be treated equally to everyone else because they are equal to everyone else.  Women, despite being different from men, are equal.  Rich people, poor people, people who live in big houses and little houses or even no house at all are equal to one another.  The point is, we as human beings are all different from one another.  We have different strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, loves, and opinions. That does not mean that one person or group has less worth than another person or group.  We are all unique, and our differences are beautiful.  Everyone should be treated with respect.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. peacefully struggled for equality.  Today, we should carry on his legacy by treating one another with love and kindness.  We will not always agree with everyone and we will not always get along with everyone, but we must respect everyone.  This was Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream, and his Dream did not die with him.  We remember him, we remember his Dream, and we in turn make equality our Dream.

Thanks for reading my little ramble.  Have a fantastic day and do not forget why today is dedicated to him.


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