Casual Brights

| Jeans: Macy’s | Baseball tee: Victoria’s Secret PINK | Boots: mom’s |

First and foremost, happy Easter to my Western Christians/secular friends!  As I am Greek Orthodox and we go by a different (religious) calendar, my Easter is not until next Sunday.  However, I hope “American” or “Western” Easter has been treating you all well!

On a completely different note, I love colored jeans.  I know they’ve been a raging trend recently, and while I was nervous at first to try them out, they’re now some of my go-to pairs of pants.  I have a lot of black tops in my closet, so colored jeans always spice up what would normally be a black-shirt-blue-jeans outfit.  This red pair also looks fantastic with dark blue, as seen here.

I hope the weather is gorgeous and sunny and that this Sunday is relaxing and fun!  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and once again, happy Easter.