Casual Brights

| Jeans: Macy’s | Baseball tee: Victoria’s Secret PINK | Boots: mom’s |

First and foremost, happy Easter to my Western Christians/secular friends!  As I am Greek Orthodox and we go by a different (religious) calendar, my Easter is not until next Sunday.  However, I hope “American” or “Western” Easter has been treating you all well!

On a completely different note, I love colored jeans.  I know they’ve been a raging trend recently, and while I was nervous at first to try them out, they’re now some of my go-to pairs of pants.  I have a lot of black tops in my closet, so colored jeans always spice up what would normally be a black-shirt-blue-jeans outfit.  This red pair also looks fantastic with dark blue, as seen here.

I hope the weather is gorgeous and sunny and that this Sunday is relaxing and fun!  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and once again, happy Easter.


3 thoughts on “Casual Brights

  1. Love this outfit! I tried some bright red pants on at Gap, but I chickened out :) I think I’d like jeans more, though, because the fabric of the Gap ones were really thin.
    ALSO, I read your post about studying abroad. So exciting! I didn’t study abroad, but I took a trip to Australia the summer after I graduated, which was awesome. Also, I interned for a summer in Florida two years ago. It was hard to be away from my husband (then boyfriend), parents, and friends. But, if there are other study abroad students in your program, I’m sure you’ll make fast friends with them :) And my summer away FLEW by.

    • These jeans are from Macy’s and were on sale. They aren’t exactly stellar quality and do stretch out after wearing them, but I love the color so much that I can deal with the stretching.
      I’m nervous but really excited about studying abroad. My boyfriend and I already do the long-distance thing, so it should’t be too different from what is already going on with our relationship, but it’s still scary. I’ll definitely take your tip and make friends with the other students in my group… thanks for your response :)

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