Polka-Dot Perfection

| Blazer: TJ Maxx | Polka-Dot Top: Nordstrom (junior’s section) | Skirt: Urban Outfitters (sale!) | Heels: DSW |

Please ignore the terrible quality and the clutter in this photo!  It was taken in a rush with my iPhone and it is a bit blurry and unfocused.  However, I loved this outfit so much that I just had to post it!

Remember this post a few days ago about that Urban Outfitters sale that I just couldn’t resist?  Well here is the skirt… and I love it!  It’s so perfect for the business-casual event I wore it to, and I can also see myself dressing it down with a crochet vest and wedge heels.  It’s so versatile!

Also, I finally found an occasion to wear the polka-dot blouse to, and honestly I’m ecstatic.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to pair it with anything creatively, but now I feel fulfilled.  Crazy how one outfit can evoke all of these emotions!

Have a lovely day everyone!


5 thoughts on “Polka-Dot Perfection

  1. Thank you babe for the visit and for the sweet compliment.
    Anyway, I’m into polky lately and I find it very pretty just like yours. :)

    followed you via bloglovin babe!

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