Can’t Resist a Sale…

As usual, I cannot resist the temptation of a sale.  Luckily for my wallet and my baby-sized college dorm closet, most sales are a bust, with scratchy, shapeless, or just plain unwanted clothes exclusively in sizes XXS or XXL.  Let me tell you, when I walked into Urban Outfitters yesterday, they had some amazing deals that I couldn’t pass up!  I ended up leaving the store with four new items–including this awesome Holga camera that I cannot wait to use!!

Camera: $29.99 (regular price: $48)  |  Film: $5 (regular price:  $16)

I couldn’t get the lighting quite right; the top is brighter yellow in person.
Top: $9.99 (regular price, $30)  |  Skirt: $19.99 (regular price: $48)

Needless to say, I’m super excited about my purchases and can’t wait to start using/wearing them! Especially the camera.  I would put the film in right now, but I fear I will use up all the film just sitting in my dorm room, taking pictures of my feet or the Christmas lights that adorn the walls.  And that would just not be practical.

 Happy Thursday everyone.  The weekend is almost upon us!!


4 thoughts on “Can’t Resist a Sale…

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  2. a holga camera has been on my wishlist FOREVER! i think the effect they give pictures is so neato-burrito!
    i can’t believe urban outfitters was having a sale! i feel like every time i go in there (which isn’t very often — the nearest one to me is in the mall of america) i’m blown away by how ridiculously expensive everything is. how can the hipster kids afford their stuff??

    • I agree! Sadly I haven’t even opened it yet since it uses film and I fear I’ll take 50 photos of my feet or something and waste it all in one fell swoop :(
      The only Urban I go to is on campus, and it has a sale corner that I always scour. Everything is so pricey, you’re right! Their website has a tonnn of sale stuff though… I just don’t like buying clothes before I try them on.

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