| Dress: ShopRuche |

Nothing really special about this outfit… it’s a dress that I’ve been dying to wear since I bought it last summer.  I’m not sure why I haven’t worn it before, because it is so comfortable and easy to wear.  Plus, the weather was so gorgeous that I couldn’t bear shoving my feet into shoes.  I know summer is coming; the desire to wear shoes goes straight out the window!

In completely unrelated news, I saw The Hunger Games movie last night.  I read the first book the day after Christmas, and voraciously read the other two books afterward.  I had just finished Mockingjay on the plane home from Alabama, as a matter of fact. Anyway, I liked the movie.  They did a fantastic job casting the characters, espeially Jennifer Lawrence… I just wish they dug a little deeper.  For a two and a half hour movie, it didn’t quite leave me as satisfied as I’d thought.  I did cry, and laugh, as a matter of fact, since some of the dialogue was pretty funny.  Of course, nothing could compare to the novel, so maybe I’m jaded and a book snob.  Anyway, enough rambling.

Who saw The Hunger Games?  Did you like it?  How do you think it compared to the book?

Happy weekend everyone!


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