| Top: Forever XXI | Jeans: Wet Seal | Scarf: American Eagle | Flats: DSW |

Holy cow is it b-e-a-youuuutiful outside today.  70 degrees and cloudy with the sun peeking out every once in a while, and the predicted rain has not yet occurred.  A little blustery, yes, and those clouds are looking more menacing by the minute, but 70 degrees?! I have no room to be ungrateful at all!

I really do think that sunshine improves moods.  In the past few days my mood has been sky-high, despite the few nagging situations in my life that attempt to bring me down.  I can only hope that this feeling continues, even if the weather breaks.

On that cheerful note, happy Leap Year/Day!  I totally forgot about it until halfway through today.  I wish I had done something exciting, like rock climbing or skipping around campus or even wearing a dress.  Instead, I’m in jeans and a (completely decorative and not-for-warmth) scarf and will probably be reading & studying tonight.  Oh well.  Maybe I’ll do something exciting when the extra day falls on a weekend–there are very few exciting things one can conceivably do on a Wednesday :)

Did anyone do anything different or exciting today?  How did you celebrate the 29 of February?  Any birthdays today, or anniversaries?  Let me know, and as always, have a lovely day!


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