| Sweater: Express | Jeans: Macy’s | Boots: Sporto via DSW |

Today has been a HUGE day!  Not only is it Valentine’s Day, which everyone has been waiting for (or waiting for it to be over) since last week.  Today also marks my first Bloggers Do It Better post, which is the color red.  I just bought these jeans this weekend–along with many other things… my poor wallet is crying out for redemption–and while they sometimes look orangey, I think that they fit the bill perfectly and are a great choice for Valentine’s Day.

Tonight I have an interview for my honors fraternity (1. yes, I am a nerd and 2. yes, I am a girl and it is called a fraternity) and it’s business casual, so I’m looking forward to dressing up.  However, I’m super nervous about said interview and am praying that I don’t say something stupid or laugh awkwardly at inappropriate times.  Because I am an initiate, I can technically be voted out at any time!  Scary!!  Hopefully that won’t happen–today is also the anniversary of the day that the fraternity was established, so I’m hoping everyone in the fraternity is in good spirits about that :)

As you can see in the photos above, we got some snow today.  The weather has been so mild all throughout winter, and then all of a sudden on Valentine’s Day I wake up at 7:45 to what looks like a blizzard outside my window.  The reason I was up so early is because I had a hair appointment at 8:45 and had to walk twenty minutes across campus in the snow to get there.  It was worth it though–my hair is finally dark again!  It’s a bit too dark, but hopefully it will fade a little.  What do you guys think of it??

One last bit of rambling, if you’re still with me–I had my very first workshop today.  I wrote a short story for my writing fiction class and today it was critiqued.  It was really nerve-wracking!  Hearing people say anything at all about your writing is hard to deal with, and I really loathe criticism and handle it poorly.  However, it went well, and I did not burst into tears or anything, and I have a few suggestions for improvement.  That’s what I call success!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there!  I think you are all beautiful & wonderful and deserve an absolutely fantastic day, whether it be with your significant other, with your friends, family, roommate, or even with champagne and a movie marathon (sounds perfect to me!).  I know I’m excited about the slashed chocolate sales tomorrow… what can I say, I love a good deal ;)  Have a lovely, lovely day! <3


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