Out of Season

| V-neck: PacSun | Jeans: American Eagle | Flats: Target | Flower: gift |

Today was unseasonably warm.  I’m talking 60-degree, partly cloudy, pure bliss gorgeousness.  Girls were waltzing around campus in booty shorts and skirts with bare legs, and right outside my dorm, guys were playing football in cut off shirts.  It’s amazing how a day that is considered almost chilly in autumn is cause for jubilee and a jacket-free day in January.  I wore my North Face around to class as a precaution, but really didn’t need it.  I was SO excited to wear the new flats I got from Target.  They have the coolest pattern and are perfect for spring… too bad, despite the warm weather, it’s still winter :(

School is really getting overwhelming; any of you other university kids feel the same way?  Midterms are almost here and I have a mountain of work to complete and very little motivation.  What do you do to stay motivated and on top of your work?  Share your study secrets… I’d love to know!

Sayonara January… February, the month of Hallmark, love, and our friend the groundhog is on its way!!


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