My Everyday Winter

| Coat: old | Sweater: Forever XXI | Jeans: PacSun | Scarf: Forever XXI | Wool socks: Christmas | Boots: Sporto via DSW | Gloves/mittens: Target | Bag: Coach |

Although this winter has been more mild than most, we definitely have been experiencing some chilly days.  Because I live on-campus, I do not have a car, and therefore I walk everywhere.  While this is generally very good for my body–the more opportunities to work off a late-night cookie binge, the better–it can be hard on it as well.  Sometimes I sweat like crazy under all my layers, while my face is simultaneously numb with unbearable cold.  And don’t even get me started on my hands; I have the worst circulation in the world, and my poor fingers are constantly chilled.  However, after almost two winters under my belt, I have made a few important discoveries about winter wardrobes.

1.  You don’t need to sacrifice style for warmth, or even comfort.  My go-to winter jacket, above, is warm & wooly.  With its toggle buttons, nipped-in waist, and textured sleeves, it is as much a subtle fashion statement as it is a necessity in keeping me warm.  The same goes for my boots.  They are waterproof and therefore ideal in both snow, sleet, and the occasional winter rain (yuck), but have a tough look that is more “rugged” than “rainboot.”  Bottom line: pick winter clothes that are warm and comfortable, but that have flattering details.

2. Simplicity is your friend, but don’t forget to experiment!  In the cold winter months, my uniform consists of jeans and a sweater or a long-sleeved shirt.  Since this gets boring fast, find new ways to switch it up.  Some days I layer two pairs of tights under a dress.  On other days, I layer bracelets over my long sleeves.  Because winter clothes cover so much of your body, use accessories to punch up the outfit.  And that brings us to my next point…

3.  Don’t forget the necessary accessories.  This includes a pretty (and warm!) scarf, gloves or mittens, and, on extra-cold days, a warm hat.  These are especially important if your main mode of transportation is walking, like mine is.  It’s essential to be warm, which is why my furry hat and thick, woolen socks are my best friends in the winter.

Sometimes looking like a snowman is inevitable, especially when the temperature dips far below freezing.  It’s never a good idea to chill yourself to the bone in the name of fashion, so first and foremost, make sure you are warm!!  But there is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing up winter gear, and fashionable touches such as a patterned scarf, a colorful hat, and worn leather boots paired with thick, woolen socks can really take you from Frosty to fashion-forward.

I hope this was helpful!  How do you guys stay warm and fashionable in wintertime?  Do you have a go-to “uniform” for these colder months?  Let me know–I love to hear from you all!!

Happy Monday everyone!


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