Gratitude and a Few Facts

So I just discovered that I have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award thanks to the creative & thoroughly interesting blogger Tao Owl.  She keeps a beautiful blog that is indeed versatile; it includes music, recipes, and lots and lots of pretty pictures for inspiration!  Thank you for the award :)

There are rules to this award, and it is a pass-it-on type deal, so I shall pass it on to Chelsea Elizabeth at Organized Mess, who keeps a truly stunning blog with countless outfits, beautiful photos, and delectable desserts.  I am also passing it on to Kathy at I am Kathy B… who has a fantastic writing style & sense of humor.  Definitely check her out.  Finally, I am bestowing (I feel like a queen!) this award on Ashley from Lions Lace Lattes.  She has an amazing sense of style, and her outfits are always gorgeous.  I envy her wardrobe!

Now, onto the juicy stuff!  The last part of this award requires me to tell you seven facts about myself.  I’ll try to make them as interesting as possible, although I am a fairly boring individual who has never gone on a safari in Africa, or skydiving.  Here goes:

1.  Despite the fact that I did dance from age three until age thirteen, I am truly terrible at dancing.  I can, however, stand on the very tips of my toes a la Rose from Titanic.  Also, I love dancing and I regularly make a fool of myself doing it.
2.   I am allergic to horses.  Really.  I get wheezy when I’m in a barn, and when I rode a donkey this summer in Greece, I broke out in hives.  Yuck.  No romantic horse-drawn carriage rides are in my future!
Don’t be fooled by the smile; this was miserable.

3.  Aladdin is probably my favorite Disney movies.  I can quote almost the entire movie word-for-word.  In fact, when we watched Aladdin last night (along with Pride & Prejudice and The Little Mermaid–great Saturday night) I talked along with the movie, to the annoyance, I’m sure, of my poor roommate.
4.  The only salad dressing I like, due to my Greek heritage, is olive oil and vinegar.  I put it on everything… but it is especially delicious with a dash of salt in a cucumber-tomato salad.  Try it.  Seriously.  It’s awesome. I also put lemon on everything: soup, vegetables, tea, water, etc.
5.  I am thoroughly, stereotypically Greek.   My life is basically My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  I went to Greek school until high school, and my grandparents live next door to me.  The other side of my family is the complete opposite; they have been in the US for so long that I could technically be a Daughter of the American Revolution.  Basically, I am a first-generation American (my mother was born in Greece) who can also trace her roots to the time of the American Revolution.  What a contradiction!
6.  I have dyed my hair almost every natural color and one decidedly unnatural color.  In eighth grade, I dyed my hair purple, thinking  I was the coolest kid EVER.  I was wrong.  Recently, I have been blonde and many shades of brunette.  I am actually trying to grow out the dye and return to my natural color, but who knows if I have that kind of patience.
Me, with blonde hair.  Looking at it now, I kinda miss it…

7.  My dream is to write a novel.  I have always loved to read, and I love to write even more.  I have some ideas… all I need to do is start!

And that’s all!  Thank you once more for the award, Tao Owl, and everybody else, please check out her gorgeous blog and the other blogs I have mentioned!  Thanks for reading and learning a little more about me :)  Hope your weekend has been fun, and enjoy Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Gratitude and a Few Facts

  1. Congrats on the award, and thank you so much for passing it on to me! You are so sweet. I think it’s so cool that you are a “stereotypical greek” :)

    xo Ashley

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