| Leggings: Christmas gift | Tights underneath (not visible but they keep me warmer!): Galleries Lafayettes | Shirt: boyfriend’s |

Just a quick one-photo post today lovelies.  It’s a gloomy day, and what better way to stay warm than to layer tights?  I find that they not only keep me toasty but are also the most comfortable thing to wear on the planet.  My boyfriend dreads them and thinks they’re downright awful, but I disagree.  They can be worn without looking like your butt is on display for all to gawk at!  This has been a trend for long enough that we ladies know not to wear the see-through variety… right?

The last time my boyfriend visited me he left this workout shirt… it looks fantastic on him but until he reclaims it, it’s mine!  It’s long enough to cover me properly, but not too baggy.  I might just keep it! (Just kidding.)

The weekend is almost upon us!  I have (one) class on Friday, so no freebie Fridays like last quarter, but Thursday still feels like the weekend.  I can already feel laziness sinking in… two good friends are visiting me, as they have not started back at school yet.  I can’t wait to see what kinds of crazy antics we get ourselves into!  Hurry up, Friday!


2 thoughts on “Growl

  1. Ha ha! I know what you mean – a favorite quote from my husband – “You are wearing that?” Yes, I am dear, get used to it! Love opaque tights, so versatile and comfortable! No growls, only roars from our fellow lioness’
    xoxo ~

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