Back in Action

| Sweater: Forever XXI | Tank Top: American Eagle | Jeans: Forever XXI | Boots: Ralph Lauren via DSW | Necklave (worn as headband):  boyfriend’s Christmas gift |

My boyfriend’s Christmas gift to me also doubles as an unexpected headband!

First and foremost, I’m really sorry for the absence.  I got back to school on Tuesday, and immediately came down with something.  I’ve been sick ever since, and even though I’m feeling a lot better now, I still have the sniffles and am coughing rather disgustingly.  I was also exceedingly busy and was running around all last week, from early morning until very, very late at night.  I know I could have been more on top of things, but I was sleep-deprived and quite ill, so I didn’t feel up to much.  Once again, I apologize.  Now that I’m recovering I will be much more on top of things!

As I said, I’ve been crazy busy of late.  Hopefully my hard work will pay off, but time will tell… I’ll be less mysterious soon ;)

In general, classes are going well.  I’m taking French, PoliSci, and a Writing Fiction class.  I’m already enamored with my creative writing class and can’t wait to write the short story due in a month.  Call me a dork, but it’s true!  There are few things I love more than writing.  That’s partly why I missed this blog in the last week… I missed having an outlet and a way to talk about my day.

Lastly, about the outfit–it’s been so beautiful the last few days.  Today it was 50!  I spent lunch on a bench in the sun.  Walking around in just this sweater wasn’t terribly uncomfortable.  I do want some snow (eventually) but for now I love that I don’t need to bundle up in three layers in January!

Thanks for sticking with me.  Sorry about the ramble, but I had to make up for last week!  I hope you are all in good moods that continue all week.  I know I’ve been happy and I wish the same for everyone!  Have a great week!


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