Twenty Twelve

Aromatherapy candles at Target with simple, lovely names.

First and foremost, happy New Year!  Hopefully 2011 was good to you, and though a “perfect year” is impossible, I hope 2012 is everything you hope for.  I hope your resolutions are resolved, your dreams realized, and your attempts successful.  A new year is always exciting and scary for me–I do not like change, and in fact it makes me nervous.  I always want to be a better person, friend, daughter, girlfriend, student, but it’s so easy to remain the same and do things the way you are used to that often these “betterments” don’t happen.  I suppose that’s why people make resolutions.  I already have a “bucket list” of sorts, albeit unfinished, which you can check out here, but I am going to do a list of resolutions as well.  Some will be frivolous and some serious, but here they are, in no particular order:

–  Be myself.  As I get older I find that I care less what people think about me.  I have adopted a “take it or leave it” mentality; if you don’t like me, fine!  There are plenty of people that do.

–  Do what’s best for me.  I tend to be a doormat sometimes and while thinking of others is a good quality, I need to focus on myself and my dreams.

–  Speaking of dreams, I need to work on my bucket list and accomplish at least ten goals this year.

–  Be healthy.  I know this is cliche, but eating healthy and exercising are so important, especially now that my metabolism has slowed down and I don’t run five miles a day anymore.  I don’t mean diet and I certainly am not going to even mention weight loss, but I want to eat healthy and exercise at least three times a week.

–  Read and write more, strictly for pleasure.

–  Smile more!

–  Take more photos.  Expand my photography skills and knowledge.

–  Be nicer to others.  Compliment others and be more friendly.

–  Continue growing my hair out!  Hopefully by this time next year it will be almost as long as I want it to be.

–  Complain less.

–  And finally–this one is always a contender and always ends up ignored–at least attempt to stop procrastinating.  This has been a resolution since the beginning of high school (but this has been an issue since I was, like, six and first had things to procrastinate on) and hopefully this will be the year that I actually get my work done before the night it’s due!

And that’s pretty much it.  It’s a lot, but hopefully I can be successful.

Finally, I just want to thank everyone who reads my blog.  I truly appreciate each one of you and it’s because of you that I keep up with this.  If you need anything or want to contact me for any reason at all, feel free.  I love hearing from you!  Thanks again, and happy New Year!!


4 thoughts on “Twenty Twelve

  1. Happy New Year Alexis! Keep the post coming, its great to read posts from real people living real lives that I can relate to. So tired of “reality” TV and blogs.

    Good luck with your resolutions…all very doable…I think!

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