December Rain

| Top: Coco & Lily | Jeans: American Eagle| Bow: Forever XXI |

(Sorry about the bare feet.  My shoes were really wet from sloshing through puddles all day, and I didn’t want to track mud and water all over my house!)

I am obsessed with putting things in my hair.  Partly because it’s really cute, but mostly because my bangs are way too long and it’s so much easier just pinning them up.  This bow is one of my favorites, because it actually stays in my hair!  I also love the flower in the post below.

I made the mistake of going shopping at the mall today… not only was crowded, but it was raining outside so traffic was terrible.  I can’t believe we’re still getting rain instead of snow :(  Snow really makes it feel like the holidays…  No matter how much I listen to Christmas music or wrap presents, I can’t seem to get into the Christmas spirit this year.  Hopefully that’ll change soon, since Christmas is right around the corner!

I’m going to a girls’ night tonight with my high school friends.  Even though we all go to different colleges, it’s always nice to relax and gossip like the “good ole days,” if, at the ripe age of 19, I am old enough to be able to use that phrase.  This is girls’ night part four, and by now it’s a tradition.  What traditions do you guys have with your high school/childhood/old friends?

Happy Thursday!  Three days!


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