Not My Uniform

| Button-Down: TJ Maxx (American Eagle brand) | Jeans: Old (got them somewhere in NYC) | Bracelet: Old | Flower: boyfriend :) |

First and foremost, I apologize about the quality of the photos above.  Unfortunately, my Canon DSLR’s batter died almost immediately after coming home, and guess what one thing I forgot to bring home?  …the charger.  Oops.  Apologies!  I will be taking photos from my cell phone until I get back to school, and they will probably be grainy like those above but I’ll do my best to edit them.

Plaid and I have an interesting relationship.  I went to Catholic school for thirteen whole years–that is, kindergarten through twelfth grade–and have been wearing plaid skirts from the ages of five to seventeen.  I swore up and down that I would never, ever wear plaid after high school graduation, and for the most part, I meant it.  I do not like plaid, and have never quite understood the hype over a plaid Burberry scarf or coat.  I usually don’t like plaid shirts except on men, but I got this one on sale and the colors are quite pretty.  Plus I spiced it up with the flower my boyfriend got me for Christmas and a black bracelet, so I don’t feel too badly conforming.  Even the sole plaid article of clothing in my closet needs some love every once in a while :)

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been home for almost two weeks.  Really, I haven’t done much, but I have had some quality time with friends and family, and nothing is better than that.

Six days and counting til Christmas… check out the post below for some last minute Christmas gift ideas!!


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