Last-Minute Christmas Gifts Under $50

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts Under $50

1.  For the trendsetter: Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polish Trio.  $30

2.  For the home decorator: Crate & Barrel 18-inch pillow.  $14.95

3.  For the chef:  Cyprus White Flake Sea Salt.  $12.95

4.  For the one who loves kooky-unique pieces:  Retro Cafe Clock.  $29.98

5.  For the loves candles:  Bath & Body Works Scented Candles.  2 for $20

6.  For the twice-a-week bath-taker:  6 LUSH “Christmas Star” Bath Bombs.  $39.95

7.  For the budding bartender:  Penguin Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker.  $31.49

And there you have it!  7 Last-Minute Gifts for the holidays, all under $50.  This is my first gift suggestion post, but if you guys want more, let me know and I’d be happy to do another (and another and another).  Finding this stuff is actually pretty fun :)

Have all of you gotten your shopping done?  I have everything for my family, but am still looking for perfect gifts for friends. That magnetic nail polish might be a contender though… shhhh, don’t tell!

My weekend has been fantastic so far.  I got to see my high school friends last night, including two of my best friends who just got home.  I practically tackled them when they walked through the door!  Sooo happy to have everyone home.  Tonight, I’m going to the Festival of Lights at the zoo with my boyfriend, and then tomorrow afternoon I have a potential double-date.  I absolutely revel in being busy, so this is my kind of weekend!

Happy Saturday everyone.  Have a magical weekend!


4 thoughts on “Last-Minute Christmas Gifts Under $50

  1. What a fun blog, new follower. love the last minute gift ideas, I think that i may have to order those crate &barrel pillows for myself :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog, i do hope that you will return!

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