Puddles and Sunshine

| Top: Old Navy | Sweater: Old | Shorts: American Eagle | Tights: Gallerie Lafayette | Boots: mom’s |

Sorry it’s been so long–almost a week! I honestly have no excuse.  I’m at home and do nothing all day.  I suppose the weather is partly to blame; it’s been dark, cold, and rainy almost every day so far.  However, my own laziness is also to blame, as I tend to lay around the house in pajamas all day and only put “real clothes” on at night when I go out, and by then there is no natural light outside.

The weather is unseasonably warm today.  As I was shooting, I got hot and didn’t need the sweater anymore!  Weather.com says it is 62 degrees out currently.  62 degrees a mere ten days before Christmas!  I’m still hoping for some snow, preferably on Christmas Eve.

Still not sure how I feel about the tights-with-shorts look.  It looks so good on some people, but most of the time I feel as though I cannot pull it off.  Same goes for high-waisted pants or shorts… and tucking tops in… maybe I’m just not used to those looks.  I think high-waisted and I immediately picture light-wash mom jeans–not exactly the look I go for.

Thanks to my readers!  I know I say this almost every post but I really do appreciate everyone who reads my blog.  It means the world to me.  On another note, good luck to those still studying for/finishing exams this week.  You’re almost there!

Happy almost-weekend!


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