Just a quick update in between studying… I’ve felt ill all day and can’t for the life of me figure out why!  I’m nauseous, dizzy, exhausted, and have no appetite… no fever or anything though, thank goodness.  I keep trying to force myself to feel better due to exams.  Maybe it’s the stress?  I really am not overly stressed out, even though it’s crunch time and I am very concerned with my grades.  Speaking of being distressed, these distressed jeans (my boyfriend thinks it is absolutely hysterical that ripped jeans are called “distressed”.  He’s like, “are they in danger?  Why are they so upset?”  What a goober.) from Forever XXI are super comfy and look really cool, too.  I get comments all the time–people who jokingly ask if I know there are holes in my jeans.  The holes in these jeans are massive… there might be more holes than fabric!  I love them though; the loose fit and tapering make them versatile and insanely comfortable. When I’m sick of sweats, these are my go-to.

Good luck to all of you plowing steadily through exams!  And to those preparing for finals, good luck as well.  Keep your head up… it will be Christmas break soon!


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