It’s the weekend before finals, so I’ve been running around in yoga pants and sweatshirts all week and will be next week, too.  In addition, we just signed a lease for an apartment next year!!  The whole process was so hectic, but we got a beautiful place.  Even though we don’t move in til next August, I’m already super excited to decorate…

And cook!  Tonight my roommate I went to a friend’s apartment to cook and eat a real dinner.  She made chicken, and I made Greek salad, and then we heated up some bruschetta to put on top.  With ciabatta bread on the side, it was deeelicious!

I’ll keep you all updated as much as possible, but right now studying is consuming all of my time.  Happy first week of December, Harry Potter weekend, and whatever else it happens to be, and good luck studying for finals if you have some coming up!


2 thoughts on “Bruschetta

  1. You can cook too…love to get more on your food adventures, maybe even some “how to” advice. I can tell you, that college food has not been good for my runway body!

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