Love & Basketball

|  Black V-Neck: Target | Jeans: Forever XXI | Scarf: Forever XXI |

Back to school, back to jeans.  Break went by so quickly, and for once I really don’t want to be at school.  It’s the week before exams and I have sooo much to do. I wrote a long paper today–just finished, actually–and along with more essays and studying for finals, I’m also house-hunting for next year.  As much as I love keeping busy, this constant stress is not fun.  I want it to be Christmas break!

Right now along with with writing this blog post, I’m editing my essay due tomorrow and flipping between the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and the Ohio State-Duke basketball game.  The fashion show is incredible… these models are gorgeous enough to make any girl jealous, and while of course the lingerie is beautiful, the wings and props are what really stun me.  Some of those contraptions the girls are wearing must are miracles of engineering.  So breathtaking!

Anyway, that’s it for today.  I’m off to proofread some more, watch Ohio State win, and feel badly about myself by looking at these perfect Victoria’s Secret models.  Let me know what you all thought of the show! :*


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