Note to Self

Fun fact: Because I find planners tedious (read: I’m too lazy to write in them regularly), I tend to write myself little reminders on my hand.  I am a procrastinator, and to motivate myself to do something I really have to be forceful, hence my scolding note to myself.  “Write your essay… seriously! Like now.”

| V-neck: PacSun | Jeans: PacSun | Sweater: Zara | Ankle Boots: Journey’s | Belt: Charlotte Russe |

Okay, as much as I love these boots, they drive me absolutely bat-shit crazy.  I firmly believe that they’re the reason I took a tumble the other day… they’re so slippery!  I had to catch myself a couple times today.  Who knew brick sidewalks could be so dangerous?  The right boot also tends to unbuckle itself, and it’s extremely annoying to stop and fix your boot buckle when you’re already a few minutes late to 10:30 French.  They’re so cute though, so I keep giving them more chances…

More exciting news (hold onto your hats): I finally took off the last individual fake eyelash that I wore on Halloween with my Halloween costume.  I’ve never worn fake eyelashes before and decided that Halloween was the perfect time to experiment.  Well, being the sensitive wimp I am, I had a hard time taking the suckers off.  They hurt!  I successfully removed all of them except for one resilient clump, and it’s been holding onto my eyelashes/eyelid for dear life since Halloween weekend.  Today I finally took it off!!  What an exhilarating life I live, right??

It’s finally the weekend for me… sadly I have no plans yet.  I’m sure something will turn up; I’ve found that I have the most fun with impromptu get-togethers!

Happy (early) weekend everyone! :*


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