Jump & Spin

To relieve a little boredom and simultaneously take advantage of the gorgeous day here at home, I decided to snap a few shots outside in my backyard.  I started off taking pictures with my normal poses and then decided to experiment a little with the cliche yet classic “jump” pose.  I added a few spins into the mix and here are the results!

| Top: Forever XXI | Jeans: American Eagle | Belt: vintage/found in my closet from who-knows-when | Shoes: Henry Beguelin, see below |

I found these gorgeous orange slip-on shoes in the shoe closet at home.  My mother had kept them for a reason, but I’d never seen her wear them, so I tried them on.  They look a little like Toms except are soft suede and obviously very high quality.  I decided to wear them briefly for this little photoshoot because they look perfect with my outfit… When my mom came back from grocery shopping, I casually asked about them, hoping she’d let me keep them since I have never seen outside of the shoe closet.  She was a little protective of them, and when I asked about them she told me why…

My mom used to work for US Shoe as a shoe designer.  The company was bought and therefore no longer exists as US Shoe, but while my mom worked there she sometimes received shoes for free.  Those orange shoes are by Henry Beguelin and are almost as old as I am… and still in perfect condition!  I’m glad I was really careful with them…

Anyway, my few hours at home have been really relaxing.  It’s been great to see everyone and I’m looking forward to seeing some family members from Australia tonight!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and is ready to tackle this next week!  :*


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