All Tripped Up

| Top: Hollister | Jean Shorts: American Eagle | Tights: Galleries Lafayette in Paris, France | Flats: DSW |

The Indian summer continues!  The weather is slowly becoming more fall-like, but this is the kind of autumn I revel in–60-degree temperatures, a light breeze, and most importantly, some steady sunshine!  I’m dreading the long, dark nights of winter… can’t these days last forever?

On a more personal note, I have a funny story to tell you guys. On Tuesdays and Thursdays my roommate and I meet up for lunch before we have a shared class at 1:30.  Today I saw her a little ways ahead of me on the sidewalk, so I thought I’d run up to her and scare her, and then we would walk together to get food.  All was going swimmingly until I was literally right behind her–and then I fell.  I wiped out completely, guys.  She turned and saw me just as I bit the dust… needless to say, we were both cracking up.  I ended up with a scraped knee and a severely bruised ego.  So here’s a message from you to me: if you’re ever in a situation where you think you’re clumsy/awkward/weird, just think back to this story and be thankful that you’re not face-first on a busy sidewalk! ;)

Happy Thursday everybody!  It’s the weekend for me!! :*



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