(Sorry about the cell phone picture!!  They were sadly the most flattering shots I have…)This Halloween I decided to be a referee.  Apparently lots of people were referees this year, but I only saw male refs while I was out.  I spent a good portion of Friday night just people-watching, so needless to say, I spotted some really cool costumes (a whole group of Tetris blocks, a lime-salt-tequila trio, a few zombies with impressive makeup) and a few costumes that were a little too revealing.  I saw one girl’s lacy thong poking out of her shorts… and not just a few millimeters of fabric, either.  Obviously I did not go the conservative route with my costume, but I’m 99% sure that nobody caught a glimpse of anything they shouldn’t have :P  However, I have nothing against “risque” costumes because Halloween is the only time of year it’s really acceptable to go out in public in your underwear!

What did you lovelies dress up as?

I hope everyone had a completely amazing, spooky, festive weekend!  I’m sad it’s over, but man, Halloween weekend was a blast!  :*


2 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. I saw your website on Elle and Blair’s site. You look so cute in your costume! I hope you had a wonderful Halloween! Keep up the great blog.

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