I know I just did an autumn-themed post before this one, but today was such a beautiful day and the colors were so inspiring (check out that blue sky against the changing leaves!!) that I had to take advantage of it.  I don’t like the departure of summer, and I dread the dark days of winter, but there a few things about fall that can’t be beat.

I love the colors of autumn, especially on a sunny, comfortably cool day.  Everything is so much more beautiful with a sprinkling of rainbow-colored leaves!  And not only are they beautiful, they’re fun to step on too!  Once the leaves fall from the trees, I make it my personal mission to step on as many crunchy leaves as possible.  I’ve gotten good at picking the ones that will make the most satisfying crunch, because few things are as disappointing as a deceivingly-crunchy-looking leaf!!

What are your favorite things about autumn?




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