Les Fleurs

Hi everyone, and happy Thursday!  It’s the weekend for me!  Wooohooooooo!!  I am almost completely over my cold, I’m not sore anymore, AND my boyfriend is coming tomorrow.  Basically, this has been a fantastic day for me, and I hope everyone else has been in an equally good mood! :]  The weather here is spectacular… I sat outside for almost an hour, just taking in the fresh air and people-watching.  Actually, since this was my first “photoshoot” outside, people were probably watching me… and giving me funny looks.  I took a photography class last spring which involved taking photos outside, but this time I was setting my camera on self-timer, angling it, making sure not to many people were around to stare, pressing the button and dashing to the right spot.  Despite potential embarrassment, I’m going to try and take as many pictures outdoors as I can in the next few days… it might be the last week of good weather we have before winter is upon us!

I really love these floral leggings.  They’re unique–I’ve never seen anyone else wear leggings like this.  Let me know what you guys think of them!

| V-neck: Forever XXI | Floral Leggings: Rue21 |

I hope everyone’s Friday goes swimmingly!  :*


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