Hello there lovelies!!  Thank you for being so patient with me.  It’s been far to long since I’ve had a fashion post (or any post at all…) but there’s a very legitimate reason.  As I mentioned in the post below, I just moved back to school less than a week and a half ago and I am still getting situated.  My room is finally all moved in and is looking like home!  Unfortunately, since I’m in a dorm and not quite comfortable with taking outfit shots outside in public, most of the pictures will be in my room.  Because I live in the dorms, space is limited.  There will be clutter… just think of it as an artistic mess :]  Plus, you can check out the stuff in my room!  I love looking at people’s stuff, but then again, I’m kind of a creep ;]

Tank top: American Eagle | Cardigan: Wet Seal (got sooo many compliments on this… plus it’s comfy!) | Jeans: PacSun | Sandals: SoleSociety

I loooooove this rug!  We have two rugs in our room–this shag purple rug in the bedroom and a zebra print rug in the main room.  Last year we didn’t have rugs but I’m a woman addicted now!  If you guys are considering getting carpeting, I’d definitely go for it.  It makes any room more welcoming!

Have a fantastic week everyone!  It’s halfway over!  :*

PS: I’m really sorry about the “myspace girl taking photos of herself” thing.  I’m still working out the best way to get my full outfit into view, and this might be the only way :/  Hang with me and hopefully I’ll find a better way!


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