Long-sleeved shirt: Tommy Hilfiger (outlet mall) | Shorts: American Eagle| Leopard-print booties: Forever XXI | Bow headband: old.  Like, super-old.  I’ve had this sucker since gradeschool!

Today is my last day at home, and I’m not sure how to feel.  I’m so excited to go back, but new beginnings and changes always unsettle me a little.  This year, my goals are:

– make lots of new friends (corny but true; don’t judge)
– talk more in class (I’m notoriously quiet in classroom settings)
– express myself through my clothes!  no more jeans-and-a-college-t-shirt uniform
– stay organized (not going to happen, but hey, having goals means something right?)

Among other things, I think this baby list is  a pretty good one!  I know most of you are back to school by now, but what were/are your goals?  Are you keeping up with them?

In other news, my family is having a garage sale today… I was asked to part with my gigantic collection of Beanie Babies but just can’t do it.  I keep telling myself that no one will want them.  They were such a huge part of my childhood, and really, I would be sad to see them go.  One day I’ll donate them to GoodWill or an orphanage or to needy children or something, but right now I just… can’t.

Hope your weekend has been stellar, lovelies.  Happy Sunday :*

PS:  I’m dying my hair (again) today.  I’ve been dark blonde, light brown, medium brown, purple (don’t ask) and my natural color is dark brown.  What color should I dye my hair??


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