You Rock

T-shirt: gift from boyfriend | Sweater: Forever XXI | Jeans: Forever XXI | Heels: DSW

Hi lovelies, and happy Saturday! I officially have two days before I go back to college… honestly, it has me a little worried.  It’s my second year there so being away from home doesn’t bother me at all, nor does the prospect of (gasp) work.  I’m not even worried about Big Life Plans, because I’ve decided what I’m majoring in and honestly, majors aren’t a big deal at all.  To me, anyway.  There are so many students out there who harp on majors, as though what you major in is going to alter your life and your destiny.  As an English and French double-major, I’ve gotten a LOT of garbage about how I’m wasting time and money and will end up on the streets/in school forever/regretting my decision/changing majors to something more “useful”.  Really.  Something useful?  I was under the impression that communication is one of the most vital parts about being a human being.  Learning to read, write, and speak effectively is essential, and I’m learning how to do so in two languages, so please, get off my back.  In this economy, there are so many more factors to getting a job than what you majored in during your undergrad years.  In fact, an undergraduate degree might not be enough to land a good job!  And what is a “good job” anyway?  There are so many people that don’t work “typical day jobs” and are doing quite well for themselves.  So please, don’t judge my major, don’t tell me what I can and cannot do, and don’t tell me if I will succeed or not.

I used to be really self conscious about myself and my goals, telling myself that I’m not pretty, I’m not smart, I’m nothing special.  Well, screw that!  I might not be a six-foot tall, one-hundred pound model or a curvy vixen, and I might not be a prodigy or a genius, and I might not have been a child actor or a sports star or the winner of American Idol, but I have my own talents.  We all have our own talents.  We’re all pretty damn awesome, and we should seriously stop letting people tell us what we can’t do.  I know I’m going to.  Criticize me all you want, but if it’s not constructive, I am no longer listening.  People’s words cannot alter your future; only yours can do that.

If you take anything at all from this rant, please please PLEASE remember that you are wonderful.  Not to sound like a giant cheeseball (too late) but you need to believe.  Believe in yourself, your dreams, your future.  People will always try to tear you down, and when that happens, you have to rely on you to lift yourself back up.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Smile! :*


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