Pop of Pattern

Happy Friday lovelies!  This is the last weekend at home for me… I move back into school on Monday.  I won’t say the summer has flown by, because the last month especially has been slow and sluggish at times, but I’ve done so much!  I hope you all have had a fantastic summer… try to get some enjoyment out of it, even if you all are in school.  What was your favorite memory from this summer?

Autumn’s first cool breaths are definitely upon us.  Thankfully the sun is still shining, but the mornings are definitely cool.  I don’t mind wearing long pants and sweatshirts, but I absolutely LOATHE socks (see pictures) and my chilly feet are already paying the price.

I had to run some errands yesterday, and this was my outfit at first… then I stepped foot (literally) outside and knew I had to add a jacket.  Sigh.

T shirt: Forever XXI | Blazer: Charlotte Russe | Skinny Jeans (or shall I say, superskinny): PacSun | Scarf, worn on head: TJMaxx | Necklace: Forever XXI I believe?  It’s practically a relic!

My mom bought a ton of these scarves for 3 bucks at TJ Maxx… they’re real silk!  The pattern and colors are so stunning, and they immediately spruce up any outfit.  Can you guys think of any other way to wear these scarves besides on your head?  Let me know, and have a fantastic Friday!  :*


3 thoughts on “Pop of Pattern

  1. I really like the blazer; it looks very cute and comfy up close. The scarf is definitely the highlight of this outfit. It adds a lot of colors and patterns to a basic outfit and is so pretty. Props to your mom for such a great find.

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