Ten Years Ago…

Today it doesn’t matter what clothes we wear.  It doesn’t matter where you live, where you or your family is from, what God you worship, or if you don’t worship anything at all.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a people person or if you prefer to be alone; it doesn’t matter how many friends you have or if you’re “popular” at school.  It matters not how much money you make, what you spend it on, or what social class you believe you are a part of.  We are diverse.  We like different music, drive different cars, live in different cities, believe what we want and do what we want.  There are so many people in our world and in the United States that it’s easy to get lost in the crowd, to feel insignificant, to blend in and feel forgotten.  Today, on the tenth year after the Twin Towers and the World Trade Center were attacked, we come together again, but this time, we are not merely one giant group.  We are individuals who each felt sorrow in their own way on that day.  We each lost different things, and we each dealt with the pain a different way.  Some of us were too young to remember or too young to understand, and some of us remember every second of that day, and the grueling days afterward.  It doesn’t matter if or what we remember.  We must remember what this day, ten years ago, taught us.  There is hatred in the world, but we must overcome it.  Love conquers all, and to create love, we must accept each other and our differences.

Remember those who died, those who lived, and those who fight.  Remember ten years ago today, and live in the present, because you never know when your last day is.  Remember 9/11/2001, and most of all, remember to love one another.


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