At a Crossroads

Wow, guys, the weather is seriously sucky here.  I feel like all I do on this blog is complain about the weather, but seriously.  Rainy and a high of 59?  Come on now, last year it was almost 100 until October was right around the corner!!

Needless to stay, I’m stuck inside today.  I should do productive things, such as clean my room/unpack from this past weekend/get my stuff ready for school, which is quickly approaching, but noooo.  I’m probably going to sit here and slowly make my way through the jumbo bag of Kit Kats my boyfriend sent me for my birthday.

Speaking of my boyfriend, this is his cross I’m wearing.  I tend to wear at least one piece of his jewelry every day… it’s pretty easy, since we’ve been dating for two and a half years and he’s a good kid and likes getting me presents ;]  Anyway, when I wear this bad boy out, I tend to tuck him in my top because it is so long, but today I’ll let it see the sunshine… oh wait, just kidding, there is no sunshine here.  Just rain, and the occasional tornado siren.

Jeans: Wet Seal | V-neck: TJ Maxx | Blazer: Target

Have a fantastic day, lovelies!  Happy middle of the week!  :*


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