Stuck in Summer

August is officially over, and although fall technically starts in late September, I feel as though all of September is an autumn month.  Sure, some of summer’s mugginess and heat stay, but people fast-forward to fall fashions rapidly once August’s end is in sight.  I am the opposite.  I love summer and it’s simplicity.  Tank top, jean shorts, flip flops, boom–perfect outfit.  Sunscreen, waterproof mascara, boom–all the makeup you need.  Fall brings complexity with it, and although I love worn-in leather jackets and skinny jeans, I’ll miss breezy summer staples.  As you can see with today’s outfit, I am still stuck in summer.

Button-down: American Eagle | Distressed shorts (my boyfriend gets a kick out of the term “distressed jeans”.  He’s like, “are they in danger?  What’s distressing them?”): Abercrombie & Fitch

PS, lovelies: I leave for a short vacation this afternoon.  The place that I’m staying at doesn’t have internet connection, so I won’t be able to post anything til late Monday.  Expect a bunch of pictures upon my return!  :*


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