Introduction + Scarlett O’Hara

Here is my obligatory and extremely difficult-to-make-interesting first post.  My name’s Alexis and I really can’t tell you too much about myself due to my paranoid nature.  However, my paranoia has a strange loophole which allows me to post pictures of myself in very public places.  And so:

Here I am!  This is in Meteora, Greece, which is a very old community of monasteries built thousands of feet into the air atop rock formations.  I do not live in Greece, but my mom was born there, and this is probably one of the most interesting facts about myself.  As a side note, the wind was very strong, and I love the wind-through-my-hair-let’s-pretend-I’m-a-model look.

Anyway, I know this will mainly be a fashion blog, but today was definitely a pajama kind of day, so, not wanting to destroy my reputation before it even exists in the fashion world, I will not be posting my outfit.  Sorry!  Instead, here are some pictures of my manicure.  I just did my nails today and God knows they’ll probably be chipped by tomorrow!

Summer really allows me to experiment with my nails… any color goes, really!  I’m loving this dark, satin red.  It’s called Scarlett O’Hara… clever nail polish names really make me happy.

Later lovelies! :*


2 thoughts on “Introduction + Scarlett O’Hara

  1. hello hun
    i love your blog i got your link from my thread on the elle and blair website about making new friends in the blogging community ….. youve really put alot of time and effort into your blog i can see that

    i hope your having a fab day
    and its your birthday tomorrow ?
    speak soon xoxoxooxxo

  2. hi!
    Thanks so much for the feedback! That means a ton to me :) I’ve been checking your blog out too… right now I’m reading some product reviews!

    My birthday is tomorrow! I’m so excited haha. I know when people get older they lose the excitement for birthdays, but I can’t wait :*

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